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Originalis is proud to supply original medicine at very attractive prices in Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands, and with more markets on the way. We offer you access to a wide and constantly growing product portfolio with a particular focus on specialty and High Tech medicine.

In Ireland, we work closely together with our partner RxSource. When you order medicine from Originalis, it is processed and delivered by RxSource.

Originalis is a member of the Abacus Medicine Group. The group is among the market leaders in parallel trade of pharmaceuticals in Europe, and also an active partner for the pharmaceutical industry in supplying medicine for clinical trials.

Abacus Medicine was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2004. Today Abacus has more than 1100 employees. The company achieved revenue of EUR 664 million in 2020.

The difference is in a box designed for Ireland

A pharmaceutical product from Originalis is a product of the highest quality. 

The medicine we supply to you is original medicine purchased in another country within the EU. We buy at lower prices in other EU member countries and then repackage for the Irish market. This is what is commonly known as parallel trade. It is our way to offer you the same original medicine, but at Originalis prices.

When we repackage medicine, we do so in boxes designed specifically for Ireland. Used, foreign boxes with lots of labels on is not the Originalis way. Instead, we discard the old boxes and deliver the original medicine in fresh, new boxes. This ensures a high and uniform quality appreciated by healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Did you know? 

  • Originalis and Abacus Medicine repackages more than 75,000 packs of medicine every month

  • We discard the used, old boxes and repackage in fresh, new ones

  • New boxes are good for quality, consistency and patient safety. But paper waste is not necessarily good for the environment

  • To minimize waste, we send more than 10 tonnes of shredded paper waste for recycling each month

  • The paper waste is recycled into new paper products such as napkins and toilet paper

The team

Karan Gulati
Sales Director

Thibaut Evers
Country Manager, IE

Gary Kelly
Key Account Manager, IE

Laura Sofie Hjørringgaard
Business Analyst

Malte Christian Kortner
Portfolio Manager

Sarah Ritz
Portfolio Manager

Sebastian Moller
Student Analyst

Mark McInerney
Business Development Consultant IE